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Application Description:

#1 selling tool for Baseball Umpires, is now available as an app for HALF THE COST of the printed version.

Applies to all leagues based on Official Baseball Rules, and playing on a 90' Diamond. (Including NFHS)

Base Awards:
We list all the official base awards for Batters and Runners. This list is perfect for new umpires still learning the rules. It's also great for those situations that don't come up very often.
Included is award timing - "Time of Pitch" or "Time of Infraction"

2 Man Crew Mechanics:
Learning the mechanics for multiple umpires can be confusing at first. This card tells you where you should be and what your responsibilities are for common situations. Great for reviewing during the Umpire's Pre-Game Meeting.

Umpire Pre-Game Meeting:
Know what to review with your partners in your pre-game meeting.

Pre-Game Plate Meeting:
A nice checklist of what to cover with the team Coaches at the Plate Meeting.

Strike Zone:
Standard descriptions of the Strike Zone, along with a multi-view diagram.

Coin Toss:
This feature provides a way to toss a virtual coin for determining Home team during tournaments.

Umpire Indicator:
This feature provides standard Umpire Indicator functionality. The Indicator is designed to be used with either hand. The Indicator also includes 'Score' counters, and a 'Zero All Counters' feature. The counts are stored, so if you switch to another screen or app, the counts will be remembered.

Dual Pitch Counters:
Pitch Counting functionality for two different Pitchers (1 & 2). There are two ways to count pitches; Total Pitches or Pitch Type. The Counters also include a number of 'Innings' counter. The counts are stored so if you switch between Pitchers, another screen or app, the counts will be remembered.

No ads or in app purchases needed. You get all the content and updates for one price.

Sample Screen Shots: (click to enlarge - not all screens shown)



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