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Application Description:

One of our most popular Photographer Tools is now an app !

No need to carry bulky books, or large reference cards.

This “Interactive Checklist” breaks it down for you into the major phases of a wedding; "Pre-Ceremony", "Ceremony", "Post Ceremony" and "Reception".

Each phase has a detailed interactive checklist of suggested poses that have been used by professional photographers for years. Items in the checklists remain checked until you clear them.

Weddings can get pretty crazy and rushed. You need to do everything you can to make sure you get all the shots.

You can't be looking down at a book or large list. You need to be able to quickly check to see if you've forgotten a shot, and look professional while doing it.

Interactive Checklists.
Gray Card simulator for quick Exposure and Custom White Balance settings.
Keep personal notes about your weddings or other photo shoots.
Voice recorder for personal reminders or notes.
Calendar to keep the detailed schedule for each phase of the event.
Flashlight for night weddings.

Special Bonus:
We've included our Color Wheel Chart for use in post processing.

No ads or in app purchases needed. You get all the content and updates for one price.

Sample Screen Shots: (click to enlarge - not all screens shown)


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